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A Monday Prayer on Tuesday: Let the New Season Begin

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Some weeks start late, Lord, like this one. Holidays are great, so why do we feel late to the party, a day behind already?

Father, we like settling into a routine, but we also like breaking out of it.

It’s those transition times easing back into a work or school week, and a new season, that feel difficult. Like we still want to snooze longer, linger over coffee, and day dream about lazy summer days. Long past? Not so, they were just yesterday.

Father, we’re entering a happy season of the year. And it will be busy. Holiday preparations, turkeys to truss (whatever that means), Christmas trees, gifts to buy, not to mention the myriad of work commitments, and everyday family times.

Missing the slower pace of summer already, Lord.

But seasons are the rhythm of life.

Colors change like the earth is dressing up for a new party. Ready or not, here come the rusty reds, mustard yellows, and pumpkin spice. Cooler temperatures. Yes, please. Shorter days, not so much.

Thank you for being with us in all the seasons, Father, and in the in-between times, when the world outside seems to flicker between knowing when to hot or when to cold.

We are familiar with that place of waffling, Lord. Take our hands as we jump feet first into the middle of this week and follow Your plans. Not ours.

Let this new season begin.



What is your favorite thing about autumn?


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