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  • DJ Hejtmanek

Are You Ready to Connect the Dots?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I remember the first time I spoke the phrase “connect the dots” in a teaching at a women’s Encounter Weekend. I said something simple like, “We all desire to connect the dots in our lives.” Faces lit up. Heads nodded. Something about that concept resonated with the ladies.

It resonates with me.

How often have I struggled to make sense of the randomness of various aspects of my life? Why did my parents divorce? What if I had attended that school and not this one? What if I hadn’t been working that job where I met my husband?

Making sense of it all is a gargantuan task. “What ifs” can be dangerous. Do we even need to know?

Does God care about the minute details of our earthly existence, more than just the big eternal picture? Like more than, check, new resident for that house on heaven's Milky Way Avenue in about 30 years. God does care! Every word of the Bible screams that truth. Every drop of blood Jesus shed confirms that reality.

Much of what we learn in life is caught on the fly, even our Christian beliefs. Unless you have had the benefit of systematically studying theology, we receive our foundational, core teachings in a series of Sunday morning sermons, topical Christian resources, or through pop culture vignettes on social media, podcasts, or flipping through the TV channels. How are we supposed to make sense of it all?

The Holy Spirit. God has given us a Teacher, who lives inside of us as believers. Wow! What a boon!

You mean I don’t need to attend seminary to be taught by God? Correct! Holy Spirit’s job is to help us learn and connect the dots of our messy lives. Granted, much of our mess is devil-inspired and human-fulfilled. (As in, the devil tempted, and I sinned.) Even then, our Teacher helps turn our ungodly mess into godliness.


As we submit to Him, He blesses our mess and transforms us into His masterpiece.


God knows exactly what we need.

When I was in college, I was a tad radical. As a high school cheerleader turned Jesus freak, on a Baptist campus in Waco, Texas, I walked a nontraditional line and leaned toward the outlandish. God gave me two amazing roommates who somehow kept me in check through college. (Thanks Marilyn and Marsue!) Marilyn talked me out of joining a Christian commune at one point. Good call. God also gave me a godly, solid rock of a husband who has helped keep my feet on the ground for 37 years now. (Much appreciated, Louis!) Believe it or not, I'm a fairly stable human being now.

Connecting the dots is a God thing. He wants us to see the masterpiece in progress which is our lives. YOU are a work of art! Often we can’t see it and don’t perceive all He is accomplishing in us. Holy perspective is a gift.

I’ve been working on a book, Connect the Dots, which covers basic biblical principles we all need to understand. And I am starting a Women’s Bible Study at my church in Tulsa, OK, based on the same principles covered in the book. An online option is offered if you aren’t local.

Connect the Dots details twelve biblical principles to equip Christ-followers to lay a solid spiritual foundation and walk in God’s freedom and favor. If you desire to understand the Master Architect’s blueprint to build your spiritual house, there are clear, concise principles in the Bible to make the construction process smoother. Following these life principles will lead to living under the favor of God and fulfilling your divine calling in Christ.

Ladies, I invite you to join us to connect your dots. (Sorry, guys. These principles are not gender specific, but this class is for women only!) To register locally or online, click here. Then join our Facebook page where we will share teaching videos, audio, hand-outs, and discuss principles at Connect the Dots.

Sign up today! The journey to transform your life begins now...

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