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  • DJ Hejtmanek

Hard and Holy

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Cocooned or claustrophobic?

I waver, uncertain.

Held or simply restrained

In this velvet vise,

Safe or exposed?

I wonder.

The dichotomy chafes my soul,

Both harsh and tender.

I see the mountain, your glory,

The journey to deeper and higher,

Rocky but right.

A sacred green ascent beckons,

And I quake at the sight.

Why am I afraid?

The One I love calls me up,

The covering One,

The grace-filled One.

My holy quest is to gaze

On His face.

Why do I shake?

The ferocious Lion of Judah

Roars and I cover my ears.

Must I learn your fear?

I long for normal, but I must come.

Somehow I know,

If I remain unscathed,


I lose.

-- DJ Hejtmanek


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