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Mary, Did You Really Know?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I’m honored to be a guest blogger on Becky Beresford’s “Brave Women” series. During this holy season, one of the bravest women I know - Mary, the mother of Jesus - saw the fruition of her “yes” to God. I feel a special connection to Mary, so I wrote her a letter:


Dear Mary,

Your exalted story plays like a lovely loop in the background of my life, complete with music, lights, and a little chaos. I feel I know you better with each pass. But one Christmas Day boosted that link. We both gave birth on the same day. Well, yours was probably a different day, they say, but I had my first child on the day we celebrate, Christmas Day. Okay, maybe we aren’t that similar, but we both had a baby boy.

Nevertheless, I’m struck by your bravery facing this life-changing occasion.

Did you really understand the crazy sequence of events surrounding the birth of your first child? You talked to an angel! Gabriel, no less. Did that help?


Finish this letter to Mary on Becky Beresford’s “Brave Women“ blog: CLICK HERE


Here's the author's Christmas baby, Andrew, with his wife Krystal and two-year-old twins.


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