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Quitting the Day Job - Day 1

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

A friend sent me the humorous mug pic below to celebrate my retirement (which happened yesterday, by the way.)

Funny, that's actually how it feels, like I've quit. But I'm going to shake off the inclination to feel guilty! (Did any of you who have gone before me in this retirement journey feel like that?)

In celebration of this monumental life transition to retirement, I'm naming the things I AM quitting and those practices I will continue or begin.

I resolve to QUIT the following:

  1. QUIT feeling vaguely guilty about something - like how I could have done a better job for work, I should have been more patient with the grandkids, I should cook, dust, and vacuum more, and even think about cleaning the ceiling fan blades. Maybe I'll try to do better, but this nagging guilt must go! I'll never be or do enough, so I need to just relax and trust God to be my sufficiency when I am lacking.

  2. QUIT procrastinating. Now is the time and today is the day to move forward. Carpe diem! Seize the day. I'm going to quit waiting for the next season.

  3. QUIT putting off deeper friendships because I don't have time or capacity. Many of my friendships have been work-based and work-limited. I don't have that excuse now and have mellowed (and wised up) enough to know how precious friendships are!

  4. QUIT postponing personal interests. Painting is a new venture for me and I want to explore and grow in skill and art knowledge. Hopefully, I'll be writing more frequently and communicating regularly with my email friends! Watch for new artwork as well.

I resolve to CONTINUE or BEGIN these things:

  1. Pressing into God. He makes everything worthwhile. He is my hope, my joy, my strength, my song, my everything. I look forward to lingering more in his presence each morning, receiving his words and his direction. Yes, being with Jesus is the best part of life and I will savor being with him.

  2. Challenging myself continually. Learning never stops and I want to grow in new areas, like in my knowledge and art skill, in my relationship with God, in my physical strength, stamina, and overall health.

  3. Exploring the dreams and passions in my heart. So. many. things. Writing books, painting, ministry to those who need freedom of spirit and to know their God-given design, speaking to women, and loving on my granddaughters (biggie.)

  4. Traveling the world. There's a world map on my office/studio wall reminding me daily of how many exotic locales I have NOT experienced. I must go.

Which ones of these are you quitting or continuing/starting too, my friend?


ART EXHIBITION - For my near-by friends in Oklahoma, I invite you to the Living Arts of Tulsa opening exhibit this Friday night, September 3, from 6 to 9 pm. This will be my FIRST ART SHOWING and I'm pretty excited about it. I would be thrilled to see you there! It has been exactly one year ago now since I started my art journey and I've had two pieces accepted into the "Oh! Tulsa" exhibit for September 2021 at Living Arts of Tulsa, 307 E Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, OK 74120. To register for free tickets, CLICK HERE.

Here are the two paintings I have in the exhibit.

"War Paint" - Acrylic inks on 16 x 20" gallery-wrapped canvas.

"Dreaming in Living Color" - acrylics on 30 x 24" canvas

To view other paintings, visit my ART GALLERY HERE.


The dove cover art is titled, "The Spirit of Wisdom," which I painted for my former supervisor at work, Mike Jestes. His life exemplifies God's amazing wisdom through his counsel and understanding. Thank you, Mike!


Can I pray for you? Father, I thank you for my friend and ask your richest blessings for their life. I pray they can quit the things that are weighing them down and start or continue those that are life-giving. Make your presence real, personal, and ever present in their life. Speak hope and life to their heart right now. Guide them each day by the power of your Spirit, and grant them the desires of your heart and theirs, in the precious name of Jesus. AMEN.


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