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Ready. Set. Go with God.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Ready. Set. Go.

Do these words spark images of elementary grade field day, or games of freeze tag, or playing any sort of childhood sport or game? My neighborhood posse played capture the flag when I was growing up. These words always marked the beginning of action.

Are you ready to start whatever God has planned for you this week? I want to live ready. Ready to dream, ready to act on the promptings of His Holy Spirit, ready to serve as He directs.

What will cause you to start?

Many times, I think God must give me the whole plan NOW. I’m a planner, so ideally, I want to know up front what the action steps are and what the results will be in advance. Unfortunately, God doesn’t work that way. He likes to keep us dependent on Him, otherwise we’d shoot off with a bang, then flounder along the way.

He gives us what we need for the next step. That's usually all! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be “walking by faith.” *sigh* I know…so hard sometimes. I feel the same way.

Dependent. “Reliant on; in need of, hooked on, at the mercy of.” Thanks, thesaurus, for great definitions of what it means to be dependent on God. I am at your mercy, Lord. I’m hooked on Jesus, in need of your great love, and I rely on you, moment-by-moment throughout my day.

Today, Father God, we choose to start with you.

You are our source for all good things. You are life and hope and wonder. You are our beginning point today and every day. We start with you!

Where is your starting point today, my friend? Is it in God? It’s Monday and He is starting a new week with us, guiding, directing, adventuring, loving. It’s time to take your marks…

Ready. Set...

Go with God.


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