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When God Calls You Out of the Shadows

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

"...But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits." Daniel 11:32 NKJV

In Spring 2019, Lisa Bevere posted "When Hiding Is No Longer An Option" on their website, Messenger International. (click here)

It rocked me.

Her post was about Sarah hiding in the tent when the Lord came to visit. She listened in as her husband Abraham was told the long-awaited promise was finally coming to pass. This time next year, you will have a son, God said. You can read the story in Genesis 18.

And Sarah laughed. At 90 years old, the thought of having a baby was humorous to her, not to mention "having pleasure" with her 100-year-old husband.

She laughed even though her heart surely jumped at the possibility of her own child. After years of desperate longing and disappointment, she could hardly be blamed for laughing that "I'd rather laugh than cry...again" kind of laugh. Infertility is no laughing matter.

Even as the Lord asked, "Why did Sarah laugh?," I'm sure He understood. God didn't rebuke her. He fulfilled her. He brought the long-sought, tried-to-work-it-out-on-her-own promise to pass.

God's timing is impeccable; He is never late. But He is never early either. That used to bother me, a lot. The sons of Issachar were commended in the Old Testament because they understood the times and seasons (1 Chronicles 12:32). We need to do the same.

Is God leading you into a new season?

God is calling His children to step out of the shadows, to rise up and take our unique places in the Kingdom. Where is God calling you? He positions His people in every nook and cranny of life: in the secular realm, business, arts and entertainment, science, the medical profession, government, education, our families, the Church, etc. His call is one of radical faith, into every possible niche.

In her post, Lisa Bevere said, "We need what you carry on your life. This is not the time to hide. It is time for you to come out of confinement and call to the Lord, 'I’m here! Speak, for Your servant listens.' If you want to live the life God has planned for you, hiding must no longer be an option."

“We need what you carry on your life.”

If you felt like I did when you read that quote, like your wish bone just shimmied into a straight-up backbone and you are ready to be brave, (see post about being brave) stop hiding, and do that bold thing God is calling you to do, then please join us for a time of equipping. As a dear friend reminded me, "stepping out" is more about "stepping in." The closer we get to Jesus, the better equipped we are to serve His purposes.

God is calling me out.

Is He calling you out too?

We need to be passionate for His purposes. The Kingdom of God needs us. Not a wimpy or brazen version of who He created "in the beginning," but a full-on faith-filled man or woman of grace and power.

That's you.

In case you’re wondering if it’s too late for you, I've wrestled with that myself. Why now when retirement years are rapidly approaching? Here's what I concluded -- age is not a factor, whether you are old or young. Age is not a deterrent or a qualifier for God. Age didn’t disqualify Abraham and Sarah from receiving the promise and embarking on parenthood. Age didn't disqualify young Timothy from being a leader in the early Church.

That dream God gave you – is it time for fulfillment? Dare to let Him resurrect the promise you laid on the altar and thought it had died. It may look differently than you first envisioned it, but trust me, you want the resurrected version of the dream anyway.

Step #1: Say yes.

Then listen closely for His next step. (We don’t usually get the whole plan in advance!)

Louis and I would love to share solid Bible truth to arm you for your journey. We will dig into foundational principles that will equip us: 1) to step in closer to Jesus, then, 2) to step out with confidence as He directs.

Together, let's bravely advance out of the shadows.


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